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Historical Survey and Structural Investigation 18thC Barn Harmonie Farm 744 Vergelegen
Old Bethlehem Farm 153 May 2011
Welgevallen Plaas: Ondersoek van naburige verskynsels en terrein van Paul Roos Gimnasium
Welmoed Farm, Stellenbosch: Investigation of the 19th c. graveyard of the Van der Bijl family
Zilvermyn at Simonsberg, Groot Drakenstein: First Phase: General visual assessment of the Silver mine industrial complex
Tuynhuys, Cape Town: Monitoring of basement excavations & historical explication of developments
Upper Vredenburgh, Stellenbosch: An historical overview of the farm and structural investigation of the c.1820 cellar/barn
Van der Bijlhuis, Stellenbosch: Ondersoek na voorstoep
Vergelegen, Somerset West: Structural and historical evaluation of Octagonal structure
Vergezicht Woonstelle: La Colline, Stellenbosch: Reddingsargeologie van 'n c.1900-1940 vullishoop
Waterford Estate, off Massinger Rd, Diep River (Erf 148345): Two Pioneer buildings c.1700: Historical & Structural investigations
Teologiese Kweekskool, Stellenbosch (Ou Drostdy Perseel): Argeologiese ondersoek (Fase I) op die voorgestelde Argief-terrein (Des)
Teologiese Kweekskool, Stellenbosch (Ou Drostdy Perseel): Argeologiese ondersoek (Fase I) op die voorgestelde Kapel-terrein (Mei)
Teologiese Kweekskool, Stellenbosch (Ou Drostdy Perseel): Moniteringsproses (Fase III) van die Argief-terrein (Feb)
The Cape Archaeological Survey CCtle Bar premises, Dorp Street 56-60 (plot 4144), Stellenbosch: Historical and structural evaluation (June)
Spier farm: A survey of its early history
Spier Wine Estate: Archaeological survey of the Craft Village site, Conference Hotel site, Resort Hotel (Ritz-Carltom) and Summary Recommendations
Schoongezicht: 1800's wine-cellar and related buildings
Schreuderhuis, Stellenbosch: An overview of its evolution, history and archaeology with particular emphasis on a kitchen, Room E (November)
Rhone farm, Groot Drakenstein: Structural investigations of an 18th century outbuilding
Rozenhof, Stellenbosch: 'n Historiese en argeologiese ondersoek van die Justisie-terrein 1775-1937
Ryneveldstraat 17: Perseel Ha-Ha Bar (erf 1260): Historiese en argeologiese oorsig
Plaas Eenzaamheid, Agter-Paarl: Historiese oorsig en strukturele ondersoek van 'n c.1700 pioniersgebou (Bohuis, Porsie 1) (Okt)
Plaas de Eenzaamheid, Agter-Paarl: Bywerk van struktuuranalise (Mrt)
Pearl Valley, Klein Drakenstein: Country estate and golf resort: First Phase assessment of ruin (May)
Oude Hoek, Stellenbosch: Lotte 1 & 2 van die begrafplaas (1683 - 1783) tot en met Stellenbosch Furniture Co: Historiese, strukturele en argeologiese ondersoek van erf 1254 gedurende 2003
Patryse Valley, Stellenbosch: Historical and structural investigations of the farm portion Edgbaston
Mostertsdift Farm, Erf 15568
Mostertsdrif, wynkelder: Oorsigtelike ondersoek
Motorhawe perseel te 96-98 Dorpstraat, Stellenbosch: Historiese en argeologiese ondersoek
Muratie, Stellenbosch: Strukturele ondersoek van 'n 18de eeuse buitegebou
Myrtle Grove (Ongegund), Sir Lowry's Pass: Oorsigtelike strukturele ondersoek (Junie)
Market Street 15 (Plot 6144), Stellenbosch: Historical and structural investigations
Kromme Rhee farm, Stellenbosch: An historical and structural investigation in particular of the Manor House (August)
La Gratitude, Dorp Street 93-95, Stellenbosch: Historical and structural texts of an elegant 1800 homestead (August)
La Gratitude, Dorp Street, Stellenbosch: Preliminary First Phase report: Structural investigations towards a commentary on proposed developments
La Gratitude, Stellenbosch: Archaeological excavations on site of an earlier outbuilding
Land-en-Zeezicht, remnant (Erf 4070), Somerset West: Structural & archaeological assessment of historical buildings & werf
Leeuwen Street 16 (Plot 2713), Galloway House, Cape Town: Historical overview & structural investigations
Klawervlei, Farm 27, Stellenbosch: Phase 1 survey of Main homestead
Kolonieshuis 1 van 1693, SW hoek van Dorp- en Ryneveldstraat, Stellenbosch: Historiese en argeologiese onersoek (Des)
Koloniesland, Stellenbosch: 'n Histories-argeologiese ondersoek na watervoorsieningselemente in die omgewing van die Pipe Track
Jamestown, Stellenbosch: A survey of its prehistoric & historical context
Heritage statement: Residential plot 765, De Beers Road 30, Strand: Helderberg Administration, City of Cape Town
Jamestown Retail Centre on Blaauwklip (510), portion 593/4: Historical and archaeological survey (October)
Girl Guides Hall, Louw Street (Plot 1147), Stellenbosch: Scoping survey and recommendations



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