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Exhumation and Relocation of 68 graves in Kudube, Hammanskraal





Wednesday, April 14, 2021 to Thursday, April 14, 2022



PGS Heritage (Pty) Ltd was appointed by Netrac Investments No62 (Pty) Ltd to effect the relocation of approximately 68 graves located in an informal burial ground in Kudube Unit 4, Hammanskraal, Gauteng Province.Six graves have been confirmed as being unknown, while the date of four graves is not currently known by the next-of-kin. Thirty-six graves are currently unclaimed and the date therefore unknown. The unknown graves will be relocated to the closest municipal cemetery since no next-of-kin for the graves could be located. In this case, the graves will be relocated to Honingnestkrans Cemetery. The graves identified by the next-of-kin will be relocated to the cemeteries as per their request. The burial ground will not be impacted by any construction, the property is being sold and as a part of the buyer's contract, the graves need to be relocated before being sold. It is unclear what the new landowners plan to do with the property. Mosaic Funeral Group will be responsible for the handling and reburial of the exhumed human remains.

This permit is allocated for the exhumation and relocation of graves that are protected in terms of section 36(3) of the National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999 and the following conditions must be adhered to. 

  1. If the permit holder is not to be present on the site at all times then the heritage authority must be provided with the names and qualifications of the authorized representatives.
  2. Adequate recording methods as specified in the Regulations and Guidelines pertaining to the National Heritage Resources Act must be employed. Note that the position of all excavations and objects collected must be marked on a site plan.
  3. A standard site record form must be lodged on SAHRIS.
  4. Human remains must at all times be handled with respect and graves should not be disturbed except where unavoidable. The consultation procedures as indicated in the Regulations and the National Heritage Resources Act must be observed as appropriate. The recommendations for removal of graves and exhumations and for re-burial stipulated in SAHRA's Policy 'What to do when graves are uncovered', section 3, must be observed as far as possible.
  5. A permit report is due by 30 April 2022.  A preliminary report must be submitted within three months from the date this permit is issued. 
  6. All remains recovered, including relics and artefacts must be buried at a local municipal cemetery.
  7. Reprints of all published papers or copies of theses and/or reports resulting from this work must be lodged with the relevant provincial heritage authority and SAHRA.
  8. If a published report has not appeared within three years of the lapsing of this permit, the report required in terms of the permit will be made available to researchers on request.
  9. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to obtain permission from the landowner for each visit, and conditions of access imposed by the landowner must be observed.
  10. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to fill in excavations and protect sites during and after excavation to the satisfaction of the heritage authority and the landowner.
  11. The heritage authority shall not be liable for any losses, damages or injuries to persons or properties as a result of any activities in connection with this permit.
  12. The heritage authority reserves the right to cancel this permit by notice to the permit holder.



PDF of Permit: 

PDF icon Kudube permit_CaseID16081.pdf97.92 KB

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