73 Kenneth Kaunda Road Additions and Alterations






Friday, June 3, 2022 to Tuesday, June 3, 2025





We acknowledge receipt of your application for a permit to carry out work on the above property on the 3 June 2022.  The KZN Amafa and Research Institute (The Institute) reviewed the application on the 5 May 2022.

Please be advised as follows: -

(1)                Section 37(1) of the KZN Amafa and Research Institute Act (5/2018) requires that prior approval be obtained for work on buildings that are, or can reasonably be expected to be, over 60 years of age.

(2)                The work that was carried out without approval was carried out at a time when the building was not over 60 years of age.  Therefore, no permit was required from the heritage authority at the time the work was carried out.

(3)                The building is now over 60 years of age and the formal approval from the heritage authority is required to comply with the provisions of the heritage legislation.

(4)                The proposed work did not impact on the heritage value or conservation worthiness of the property which the Institute has graded as grade IIIC.

(5)                Provided that the work has been carried out strictly in accordance with drawing number: dhs2022_148_300, dwg no:1, by Derek Hauptfleish on 26/03/2022 the Institute has no objection to the regularisation of the work that was carried out on this property before it turned 60 years of age.

(6)                Prior written approval from The Institute is required for any deviation to the approved plans.

Please note that the above property contains a structure(s) protected in terms of the KwaZulu-Natal Amafa and Research Institute Act (5 of 2018), and a permit must be obtained prior to any work being conducted on the property in the future. Failure to do so is a criminal offence punishable by a term of imprisonment or a fine, or both. The property may also be forfeited to the state or a moratorium may be placed on any development thereon.



73 Kenneth Kaunda Road



PDF of Permit: 

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