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CaseID CaseReference ApplicationDate Status
7070 Alterations of a wall at OLD FOR'l' WALL AT FORT ENGLAND HOSPITAL 9/2/003/25 For Noting
6503 Anglo-Boer war graves enquiry in Colesberg 25/01/1994 For Noting
6437 Buildings to be entered into the national register Carnarvon 04/11/1991 For Noting
6428 Declaration of De Bult in Carnarvon 04/02/1992 For Noting
6308 Nomination & Declaration process for the Military Hospital Complex, Grahamstown 29/08/1990 For Noting
6448 Nomination of Old Bay Road, Grahamstown EC 07/10/1991 For Noting
6072 Rental of access road to grave of Gordon Nourse 20/05/1992 For Noting
6307 Site management issues around Oatlands House, Grahamstown 01/06/1993 For Noting
6425 Site management of 10 Cross Street, Grahamstown 10/12/1997 For Noting
6422 Site management of 2 Sheblon lane, Grahamstown 07/01/1999 For Noting
6426 Site management of Chapel of St Mary and All the Angels 05/05/1994 For Noting
6427 Site management of Commemoration Methodist Church, Grahamstown 16/08/1995 For Noting
7040 Site management of Fort Double Drift Eastern Cape 21/01/2015 For Noting
6433 Site management of Fort Selwyn 02/12/1996 For Noting
6309 Site management of Good Shepherd School, Huntely Street, Grahamstown 15/02/1993 For Noting
6421 Site management of Governor's Kop Signal Tower 11/04/1996 For Noting
6378 Site management of Grahamstown City Hall 23/12/1993 For Noting
6449 Site management of Old Bay Road, Grahamstown EC 28/01/1992 For Noting
6430 Van Wyksvlei Dam declaration in Carnarvon 27/03/1992 For Noting
6531 Various grave enquiries 15/05/1990 DRAFT

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