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Post date: 19/06/2015
Alternate Code & Name: QZ-C/G1
Site Comments:

The QZ-C/G1 site is (also the locality of the Eskom recorded Q-Z.S1 cemetery). The cemetery comprises an approximate 70x35m area containing more or less 80 graves. Grave styles vary quite radically from modern style graves with inscribed headstones to clearly demarcated graves, both modern, stone cairn and earth-mound, without headstones. A number of traditional style graves may be of significant age, but without headstone inscriptions date estimations are impossible. The cemetery is evidently still in use, with the majority of the graves dating to recent years – from the 1990’s onwards, with the oldest marked grave being the grave of a child dating from 1914 (DoB) – 1919 (DoD). Selected graves at the site (graves older than 60 years) thus receive formal protection under the NHRA 1999. Existing power lines cross through the site towards its south-eastern perimeter, with the proposed Qunu-Zimbane Power Line running just north-west of the existing lines. Both a south-eastern and north-western realignment was considered for purposes of conservation: A south-eastern realignment is not recommended with specific reference to proximity of the Zimbane River. Towards the north-west realignment options are limited by Mandlovini Village infrastructure. It is recommended that the site be formally conserved, providing for an approximate 10-15m conservation buffer towards the south-east and north-west but allowing significantly larger areas towards the north-east and south-west to ensure continued use of the site. The site should be permanently fenced with a vehicle access gate. A permanent sign board should indicate that the cemetery is formally protected under the NHRA 1999. With reference to the fact that permanent heritage conservation of cemetery / grave sites can easily be confused as cemetery establishment, a development type subject in itself to environmental requirements
Eskom should ensure that the site be reported to the municipality for consideration of formalization. It is recommended that the Qunu-Zimbane Power Line be realigned in the vicinity of QZ-C/G1 to north-west of the proposed 10-15m conservation buffer.


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