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Post date: 19/06/2015
Alternate Code & Name: QZ-C/G5
Site Comments:

The QZ-C/G5 solitary grave is situated  approximately 10-15m from an existing Eskom pole, with the grave post-dating erection of the Eskom pole. The grave was reported on by Mrs. Nokwanda Leve, widow of the late Mr. Tatana Mbeki, buried in 1999. The proposed Qunu-Zimbane Power Line will be constructed within 10-15m from the grave of Mr. Mbeki. It is
necessary to consider both standard SAHRA / EC PHRA heritage conservation requirements as well as Integrated
Environmental Management (IEM) principles with reference to development projects. Firstly it needs to be noted
that the grave post-dates the existing Eskom pole with the new proposed Qunu-Zimbane Power Line following an
existing Eskom development corridor alongside the existing Power Line. Secondly burial within a homestead yard
remain a legal burial practice in South Africa. Rerouting of the alignment through or around Kotishini Village will
not necessarily avoid impact or proximity of grave sites to development, with respect to both present and future
graves, specifically considering village expansion. With reference to standard SAHRA / EC PHRA heritage
conservation requirements pertaining to cemeteries or grave sites: An approximate 20m conservation buffer zone
within the homestead yard would not be possible. Realignment to a neighboring homestead yard does not serve as
feasible solution to grave site conservation, again with reference to burial within a homestead yard as legal burial
practice and consultation with Mrs. Leve indicated that relocation of the grave is not an option; she would prefer
the grave of her husband to remain, within customary practice, within the homestead yard. Her main concerns
raised pertained to conservation of the site during construction and controlled access during both the construction
and maintenance periods of the development. It is thus recommended that in the case of the QZ-C/G5 grave the
heritage conservation buffer be compromised for more stringent fencing requirements, including: The eastern and southern boundary of the Leve homestead yard is at present not fenced – It is recommended that the developer ensures that permanent boundary fences be erected to formalize burial within a homestead yard. A permanent vehicle access gate would allow access for both the Leve family and Eskom during construction and future maintenance; The grave of Mr. Mbeki should be permanently fenced with a pedestrian access gate. A heritage conservation buffer of at least 2m around the grave should be maintained. The grave should be permanently sign posted indicating that the site is formally protected under the NHRA 1999. Heritage conservation recommendations should be reconfirmed with Mrs. Leve before implementation.


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