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Before declaration of a place as a heritage site, or amendment or withdrawal of a notice under subsection (7), the heritage resources authority—
(a) must notify the owner;
(b) must notify the mortgage holder, the occupier and any other person with a registered interest in the property;
(c) must notify all conservation bodies which have, in terms of section 25(1)(b), registered their interest in the geographical area in which the proposed heritage site is situated, and give them at least 60 days to make submissions regarding the proposed declaration, amendment or withdrawal, and in the case of the owner, to propose conditions under which the action will be acceptable. All submissions must be considered by the heritage resources authority before
a final decision is made; and 
(d) before notifying the owner as provided in paragraph (a), must give to the owner reasonable opportunity for representations or submissions to be made in regard to the proposed notification.


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