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The responsible heritage resources authority must specify the information to be
provided in a report required in terms of subsection (2)(a): Provided that the following
must be included:
(a) The identification and mapping of all heritage resources in the area affected;
(b) an assessment of the significance of such resources in terms of the heritage
assessment criteria set out in section 6(2) or prescribed under section 7;
(c) an assessment of the impact of the development on such heritage resources;
(d) an evaluation of the impact of the development on heritage resources relative
to the sustainable social and economic benefits to be derived from the
(e) the results of consultation with communities affected by the proposed
development and other interested parties regarding the impact of the
development on heritage resources;
(f) if heritage resources will be adversely affected by the proposed development,
the consideration of alternatives; and
(g) plans for mitigation of any adverse effects during and after the completion of
the proposed development.


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