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CaseID CaseReference ApplicationDate Status
4900 permanent export of marine shell and bone from Port Nolloth and Melkbosstrand 14/05/2010 Closed (Approved)
9660 Demolition of short sections of walling, Standvastigheid 210/remainder 31/05/2016 Studies Submitted
7302 Excavation and collection of artefacts at Vogelstruisbult Red Sand Quarry 07/03/2015 DRAFT
3599 export of 8 samples consisting of marine shell fragments from the Namaqualand 13/11/2006 Closed (Approved)
8426 Export of charcoal from VR048 17/09/2015 For Noting
4802 export of excavated bone and ostrich eggshell fragments and tortoise bone fragments 12/03/2010 Closed (Approved)
4550 export of marine shell collected for dating from Namaqualand 01/05/2009 Closed (Approved)
10978 Export of shell from Port Nolloth . 25/04/2017 Closed (Approved)
617 Kakamas Hydro-Electric Power Plant and associated power line, Northern Cape 14/12/2011 Closed (Approved)
4629 mitigation of 30 number of Later Stone Age sites at Hondeklipbaai 18/05/2009 Closed (Approved)
1739 Namaqualand export permits 10/09/2008 For Noting
5166 permanent export of 19 fragments of tortoise carapace 19/04/2011 Closed (Approved)
10116 Port Nolloth Oxidation ponds mitigation 15/09/2016 Closed (Approved)
4090 rescue of an in-situ burial in a shell midden being excavated as part of a mining mitigation programme 24/08/2007 Closed (Approved)
5215 temporary export of one cattle maxilla fragment, one canid (right) distal humeral fragment, one cattle horn 27/06/2011 Closed (Approved)
3913 VR003 charcoal export for dating 22/10/2013 SUBMITTED
7906 VR003: export of ostrich eggshell for U-series dating 19/06/2015 SUBMITTED

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