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Code ClassifiedName CommonName LocalName Image
Trees and Veld Fire Painting Trees and Veld Fire
Trompe-l’oeil with a bust of Adonis Painting Painting
Tsonga bowl Tsonga Bowl
TSR 1/1 (2) A1/1 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR 1/1 (2) A1/1 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR 1/1 (4G) 9.4.1 Corroded Metal Spear Blade
TSR 1/1 (5) H1/3 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR 1/1 4 C1 /2 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR 1/1 5C/10 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR 2/2B/2 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR 5 F1/7 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR/1/6/01 Clay figurine: Male figure
TSR/1/6/02 Clay figurine: Female figure
TSR/1/6/03 Clay figurine: Female human figure
TSR/1/6/04 Clay figurine: seated human figure
TSR/1/6/05 Head of mouse-like figure
TSR/1/6/06 Figure of elephant
TSR/1/6/07 Figure of hippopotamus
TSR/1/6/08 Figure of a bird
TSR/1/6/09 Mythical beast
TSR/1/6/10 Clay figure of a cow
TSR/1/6/11 Figure of a goat
TSR/1/6/12 Clay figure of a sheep
TSR/2/11/C1/2 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR/3A/5 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 (6) 1AA/4 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 (6) 2F/1 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 (6) 4AA/4&5 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 (6) 4AA/4&5 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 (6) 5C/3 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 (6) B6/3 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 3 D1/4 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 5 C1/3 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 5 H1/4 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 5 H1/4 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TSR1/1 5D 1/10 Unionidae (Freshwater mussel)
TT0001 Trophy Trophy Lourens Botha Wissel Trofee
TT0002 Trophy Trophy SA Army Foundation Trophy
TT0003 Trophy Trophy Abe Bailey Cup
TT0004 Trophy Trophy Regiment Botha Floating Trophy
TT0005 Trophy Trophy Gold Cup Trophy
TT0006 Trophy Trophy Andersson Challenge Cup
TT0007 Trophy Trophy Rembrant Cup/Reserve Force Individual Shooting Competition
TT0008 Trophy Trophy White Horse Trophy
TT0009 Reserve Force Individual Shot Resrve Force Individual Shot
TUBES OF SEDIMENT-001 tubes of sediment
Turbo opercula Shells
Turbo sarmaticus opercula Turbo sarmaticus opercula
Tuynhuys Collection Tuynhuys Collection



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