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Proposed Demolition for a new Durban University of Technology Administration Building at 47 Botanic Gardens Road, Durban





Case Type: 


Proposed Demolition for a new Durban University of Technology Administration Building at 47 Botanic Gardens Road, Durban, Ethekwini, Kwa-Zulu-Natal Drawing numbers : PHUNGA HOLDINGS QUALITY DRIVEN SOLUTION drawing no.: S20-24-02-001, S20-24-02-002, S20-24-02-003, S20-24-02-004, S20-24-02-005, S20-24-02-006, S20-24-02-007, S20-24-02-008, S20-24-02-009, S20-24-02-010, S20-24-02-011, S20-24-02-012, S20-24-02-013, S20-24-02-016, S20-24-02-017, DATED: 25/06/2021


The Durban University of Technology have highlighted the corner of Steve Biko Rd and Botanic Gardens Rd as the site of their new Administration building and the future entrance to the Campus. This forms part of the Masterplan and Urban Design proposal for the Steve Biko, Ritson and ML Sultan Campuses. The new building requires 4 generally protected buildings to be demolished : Botanic Mansions, Berea House, Berwyn Court at 47 Botanic Gardens rd and "Pappa Joes" at 134 Steve Biko Rd.


Tuesday, July 13, 2021 - 14:28





South elevation
  1. PDF icon S20-24-02-004 - DUT ADMIN THIRD FLOOR PLAN.pdf
  2. PDF icon S20-24-02-005 - DUT ADMIN FOURTH FLOOR PLAN.pdf
  3. PDF icon S20-24-02-006 - DUT ADMIN FIFTH FLOOR PLAN.pdf
  4. PDF icon A.01.1 DUT NEW ADMIN SITE PLAN REV A.pdf
  5. PDF icon S20-24-02-001 - DUT ADMIN GROUND FLOOR PLAN.pdf
  6. PDF icon S20-24-02-002 - DUT ADMIN FIRST FLOOR PLAN.pdf
  7. PDF icon S20-24-02-003 - DUT ADMIN SECOND FLOOR PLAN.pdf
  8. PDF icon S20-24-02-010 - DUT ADMIN SECTION 4.pdf
  9. PDF icon S20-24-02-011 - SITE CONTEXT SECTION 5 & 6.pdf
  10. PDF icon S20-24-02-012 - DUT ADMIN NORTH & WEST ELEVATION.pdf
  11. PDF icon S20-24-02-013 - DUT ADMIN SOUTH & EAST ELEVATION.pdf
  12. PDF icon S20-24-02-013 -DUT ADMIN SOUTH & EAST ELEVATION.pdf
  13. PDF icon S20-24-02-007 - DUT ADMIN SECTION 1.pdf
  14. PDF icon S20-24-02-008 - DUT ADMIN SECTION 2.pdf
  15. PDF icon S20-24-02-009 - DUT ADMIN SECTION 3.pdf
  16. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (9).jpeg
  17. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (10).jpeg
  18. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (11).jpeg
  19. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (12).jpeg
  20. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-Aerial Render (1).jpeg
  21. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-Aerial Render (2).jpeg
  22. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (1).jpeg
  23. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (2).jpeg
  24. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (3).jpeg
  25. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (4).jpeg
  26. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (5).jpeg
  27. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (6).jpeg
  28. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (7).jpeg
  29. Image icon DUT-AdminBldg-3D (8).jpeg
  31. Image icon SteveBikoRd-NorthSide (1)_800x533.JPG
  32. Image icon SteveBiko-BotanicGdnsRd INTERSECTION (1)_800x533.JPG
  33. PDF icon Land-Survey 01
  34. PDF icon Land-survey 02
  35. Image icon A3-Berwyn Court (3)_292x600.jpg
  36. Image icon A3-Berwyn Court (4)_292x600.jpg
  37. Image icon A3-Berwyn Court (5)_292x600.jpg
  38. Image icon A3-Berwyn Court (8)_800x389.jpg
  39. Image icon A3-Berwyn Court (9)_800x389.jpg
  40. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (1)_800x388.jpg
  41. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (2)_800x389.jpg
  42. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (3)_800x389.jpg
  43. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (4)_800x389.jpg
  44. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (6)_800x389.jpg
  45. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (7)_800x389.jpg
  46. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (9)_800x389.jpg
  47. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (10)_292x600.jpg
  48. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (12)_800x388.jpg
  49. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (13)_292x600.jpg
  50. Image icon A4-BereaHouse (14)_800x388.jpg
  51. Image icon Botanic Mansions (1)_800x389.jpg
  52. Image icon Botanic Mansions (3)_800x389.jpg
  53. Image icon Botanic Mansions (5)_800x389.jpg
  54. Image icon Botanic Mansions (6)_800x389.jpg
  55. Image icon A3-Berwyn Court (1)_292x600.jpg
  56. Image icon A3-Berwyn Court (2)_292x600.jpg
  57. Image icon SteveBikoRd-NorthSide (2)_800x533.JPG
  58. Image icon SteveBikoRd-NorthSide (3)_800x533.JPG
  59. Image icon SteveBikoRd-Southside (4)_800x533.JPG
  60. Image icon SteveBikoRd-Southside (6)_800x533.JPG
  61. Image icon A2-Tromso-Annexe (1)_800x533.JPG
  62. Image icon A2-Tromso-Annexe (2)_800x389.jpg
  63. Image icon A2-Tromso-Annexe (3)_800x389.jpg
  64. Image icon A2-Tromso-Annexe (6)_800x533.JPG
  65. Image icon A2-Tromso-Annexe (7)_800x533.JPG
  66. Image icon A5 (1)_800x388.jpg
  67. Image icon A5 (2)_800x389.jpg
  68. Image icon A5 (3)_800x389.jpg
  69. Image icon A6 (1)_800x533.JPG
  70. Image icon A6 (2)_800x389.jpg
  71. Image icon BotanicGdnsRd-CONTEXT (1)_800x533.JPG
  72. Image icon BotanicGdnsRd-CONTEXT (2)_800x533.JPG
  73. Image icon BotanicGdnsRd-CONTEXT (3)_800x533.JPG
  74. Image icon BotanicGdnsRd-CONTEXT (4)_800x533.JPG
  75. Image icon BotanicGdnsRd-CONTEXT (5)_800x533.JPG
  76. Image icon BotanicGdnsRd-CONTEXT (6)_800x533.JPG
  77. Image icon S-Block_800x389.jpg
  78. Image icon SteveBiko-BotanicGdnsRd INTERSECTION (1)_800x533.JPG
  79. Image icon SteveBiko-BotanicGdnsRd INTERSECTION (2)_800x533.JPG
  80. Image icon SteveBiko-BotanicGdnsRd INTERSECTION (3)_800x533.JPG
  81. Image icon SteveBiko-BotanicGdnsRd INTERSECTION (4)_800x533.JPG
  82. Image icon SteveBikoRd looking West_800x533.JPG
  83. Image icon SteveBikoRd-NorthSide (1)_800x533.JPG
  84. Image icon DUT Admin bdlg Proposed-streetview renders (2).jpg
  85. Image icon DUT Admin bdlg Proposed-streetview renders (3).jpg
  86. Image icon DUT Admin bdlg Proposed-streetview renders (1).jpg

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