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ReportRef ReportDatesort descending ReportFile
AIA Boikarabelo PDF icon Phase 1 AIA Boikarabelo - PGS-HU.pdf
1518 Searcher Reconnaisance HIA PDF icon App C4 HIA.pdf
Mokala heritage assessment PDF icon Mokala - Heritage investigation.pdf
Phase 1 AIA Boikarabelo Digby Wells
Sendawo 1, 2, and 3 Solar PV and Substation and Power Line Heritage Reports PDF icon Sendawo Sub and Power Line Heritage Report.pdf, PDF icon Sendawo PV Heritage Report.pdf
Tlisitseng 1 and 2 Heritage Report PDF icon Tlisitseng PV Heritage Assessment Report.pdf
HIA Williet Boedery PDF icon Heritage Specialist Report.pdf, PDF icon HIA EIA Phase
AIA Kangala Discard EIA PDF icon Appendix H_Archaeological Impact Assessment.pdf
Heritage and Cultural Resources Impact Assessment Report
HIA Lehating Mine PDF icon HIA Lehating Mine.pdf
HIA Dwarsrug WEF PDF icon Dwarsrug WEF HIA.pdf
AIA_Northern_Coal_Fourie_W_Jul08 PDF icon Northern Coal - DWA- AIA Report (25.08.2008).pdf, PDF icon Norhtern Coal - SAHRA Letter (16.08.2008).pdf
9-2-284-0003-20000812-MPL 12/08/2000 PDF icon 9-2-284-0003-20000812-MPL_0.pdf
Phase 1 AIA - Impunzi Division of Duiker Mining 27/08/2000 PDF icon Phase 1 AIA - Impunzi Division of Duiker Mining
9-2-257-0005-20020101-MPL 01/01/2002 PDF icon 9-2-257-0005-20020101-MPL_0.pdf
HIA_Modderfontein_Mines_Fourie_W_Jun02 01/06/2002 PDF icon HIA_Modderfontein_Mines_Fourie_W_Jun02_0.pdf
AIA_Blaauwbank_Gold_Mine_Fourie_W_Aug02 01/08/2002 PDF icon 9-2-233-0002-20020801-MPL_0.pdf
9-2-205-0001-20030101-MPL 01/01/2003 PDF icon 9-2-205-0001-20030101-MPL_0.pdf
9-2-253-0003-20030801-MPL 01/08/2003 PDF icon 9-2-253-0003-20030801-MPL_0.pdf
AIA_Gardener_Ross_Knoppieslaagte_385_JQ_Fourie_W_Feb04 20/02/2004
Permit_Gardener_Ross_Estate_Fourie_W_Apr04 28/04/2004 PDF icon Permit_Gardener_Ross_Estate_Fourie_W_Apr04_0.pdf
9-2-258-0005-20040601-MPL 01/06/2004 PDF icon 9-2-258-0005-20040601-MPL_0.pdf
AIA_Bokfontein_Fourie_W_Dec04 14/12/2004
Permit_Knoppieslaagte_Boeyens_JCA_Jan05 19/01/2005 PDF icon Permit_Knoppieslaagte_Boeyens_JCA_Jan05_0.pdf
AIA_Naudesbank_Mining_Fourie_W_Feb05 04/02/2005 PDF icon HIA Naudesbank.PDF
AIA_Spencer_Venulu_Power_Fourie_W_Sep05 11/03/2005 PDF icon AIA_Spencer_Venulu_Power_Fourie_W_Sep05_0.pdf
Permit_Hammanskraal_Fourie_W_Apr05 29/04/2005 PDF icon Permit_Hammanskraal_Fourie_W_Apr05_0.pdf
AIA_Friedenheim_282_JT_Fourie_W_May05 31/05/2005
Permit_Gardener_Ross_Estate_Fourie_W_Jun05 01/06/2005 PDF icon Permit_Gardener_Ross_Estate_Fourie_W_Jun05_0.pdf
Permit_King_Michael_Fourie_W_Jun05 03/06/2005
AIA_Sonheuwel_Ext_9_&_10_Fourie_W_Sep05 05/09/2005 PDF icon AIA_Sonheuwel_Ext_9_&_10_Fourie_W_Sep05_0.pdf
AIA_Hotazel_Manganese_Mines_Fourie_W_Sep05 12/09/2005 PDF icon AIA_Hotazel_Manganese_Mines_Fourie_W_Sep05_0.pdf
AIA_Lydenburg_Ext_49_Fourie_W_Sep05 15/09/2005 PDF icon Lydenburg ext 49 HIA.PDF
AIA_Renosterfontein_336_JQ_Fourie_W_Sep05 15/09/2005 PDF icon Renosterfonten HIA.PDF
AIA_Cromdale_453_JT_Fourie_W_Sep05 16/09/2005
AIA_Waterpan_292_IQ_4_Fourie_W_Oct05 04/10/2005 PDF icon AIA_Waterpan_292_IQ_4_Fourie_W_Oct05_0.pdf
AIA_Orange_Farm_Fourie_W_Oct05 11/10/2005 PDF icon Orange farm Arch Assessment 07102005.PDF
AIA_Nooitgedacht_62_JU_Ptn_6_Fourie_W_Oct05 19/10/2005 PDF icon Heritage Assessment - Ptn 6 Nooitgedacht 62 JU.PDF
AIA_Brandvlei_261_IQ_Fourie_W_Dec05 08/12/2005 PDF icon AIA_Brandvlei_261_IQ_Fourie_W_Dec05.pdf
AIA_Brakfontein_Pipeline_Van_der_Walt_J_Dec05 20/12/2005 PDF icon AIA_Brakfontein_pipeline_Van_der_Walt_J_Dec05.pdf
AIA_Mataffin_Precent_Plan_Fourie_W_Jan06 13/01/2006 PDF icon Mattafin FinalPDF.pdf
AIA_Vosloorus_Hospital_Van_der_Walt_J_Feb06 01/02/2006 PDF icon AIA_Vosloorus_Hospital_Van_der_Walt_J_Feb06.pdf, PDF icon Vosloorus Arch report.PDF
9-2-262-0004-20060208-MPL 08/02/2006 PDF icon 9-2-262-0004-20060208-MPL.PDF
AIA_Top_Star_Dump_Mining_Fourie_W_Feb06 10/02/2006 PDF icon AIA_Top_Star_Dump_Mining_Fourie_W_Feb06_0.pdf
9-2-236-0002-20060222-MPL 22/02/2006 PDF icon 9-2-236-0002-20060222-MPL_0.pdf
AIA_Wonderfontein_Spruit_Water_Fourie_W_Apr06 25/04/2006 PDF icon AIA_Wonderfontein_Spruit_Water_Fourie_W_Apr06_0.pdf
AIA_Stone_River_Fourie_W_Jul06 13/07/2006 PDF icon SRA Heritage Survey.PDF
Permit_Eden_Park_Steyn_H_Nov06 09/11/2006
AIA_Stoney_Ridge_281_JT_ptns_12_13_R7_Fourie_W_Nov06 20/11/2006 PDF icon AIA_Stoney_Ridge_281_JT_ptns_12_13_R7_Fourie_W_Nov06_0.pdf
AIA_Paarl_Eco_Estate_Fourie_W_Nov06 20/11/2006 PDF icon PAARL ECO Estate HIA.PDF



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