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Revised Schedule of Fees for Applications made to the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)

Proposed development of the Highveld PV Cluster near Potchefstroom, North West Province





Development Type: 


WKN Wind current (Pty) Ltd proposes the development of a solar PV facility comprising an up to 240MW Solar PV facilities, and Grid connection infrastructure, located approximately 15km north east of Stilfontein in the North West Province. The project area falls within the Matlosana Local Municipality within the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality. The solar PV facilities will be developed on the following properties: Portion 56 of Farm Rietfontein 388 Portion 79 of Farm Rietfontein 388 Remainder of Portion 10 of Farm Rietfontein 388 Portion 0 of farm Rietfontein 3 Access to the project site is ample with the presence of existing roads mainly consisting of national and regional roads. The N12 is located to the south of the project site and the R30 is located to the west of the project site. A facility development area which will include the PV facility, BESS and grid connection solution will be identified taking into consideration the identified sensitivities. The infrastructure associated with this 240MW PV facility includes: PV modules and mounting structures Inverters and transformers Cabling between the project components, to be laid underground where practical. Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Access roads, internal roads and fencing around the development area. Laydown area. Operation and Maintenance buildings including a gate and security building, control centre, offices, warehouse, and workshop areas for maintenance and storage. A grid connection solution is required to connect the project/s to the Eskom grid (assumed within a 300m wide corridor approximately 20km in length) and will form part of a separate application for Environmental Authorization. The development area will be larger than the area needed for the construction of a 240MW PV facility and will provide the opportunity for the optimal placement of the infrastructure, ensuring avoidance of major identified environmental sensitivities by the development footprint. To avoid areas of potential sensitivity and to ensure that potential detrimental environmental impacts are minimised as far as possible, the development footprint within which the infrastructure of the PV facility and its associated infrastructure will be located will be fully assessed.


Monday, November 14, 2022 - 12:10






  1. PDF icon 0. Highveld PV DBAR.pdf
  2. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix A - CV's.pdf
  3. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix B - Authority Correspondence.pdf
  4. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix C1 I&AP Database.pdf
  5. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix C2 Site Notices & Advertisements.pdf
  6. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix C3-Background Information Document.pdf
  7. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix C4 Correspondence Organs of State.pdf
  8. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix C5 Correspondence Stakeholders.pdf
  9. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix C6 Meeting Notes.pdf
  10. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix C7 Comments Received.pdf
  11. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix C8 Comments & Responses Report.pdf
  12. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix D - Ecology Impact Assessment.pdf
  13. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix E - Avifauna Impact Assessment.pdf
  14. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix F - Agricultural Impact Assessment.pdf
  15. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix H - Visual Impact Assessment.pdf
  16. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix I - Social Impact Assessment.pdf
  17. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix J - EMPrs.pdf
  18. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix K - DFFE Screening Tool.pdf
  19. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix L - Maps (A3).pdf
  20. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix M - EAP Declaration.pdf
  21. PDF icon SE3330 Appendix N - Specialist Declarations (3.6).pdf
  22. PDF icon 0.Highveld PV FBAR Final.pdf
  23. PDF icon Highveld App B - Authority Correspondence .pdf
  24. PDF icon Highveld App C2 - Site Notices & Advertisements.pdf
  25. PDF icon Highveld App C3 - Background Information Document.pdf
  26. PDF icon Highveld App C4 - Correspondence Organs of State.pdf
  27. PDF icon Highveld App C5 - Correspondence Stakeholders.pdf
  28. PDF icon Highveld App C6 - Meeting Notes.pdf
  29. PDF icon Highveld App C7 - Comments Received.pdf
  30. PDF icon Highveld App C8 - Comments&Responses Report.pdf
  31. PDF icon Highveld App D - Ecology Impact Assessment.pdf
  32. PDF icon Highveld App E - Avifaunal Impact Assessment.pdf
  33. PDF icon Highveld App F - Soil Impact Assessment.pdf
  34. PDF icon Highveld App H - Visual Impact Assessment.pdf
  35. PDF icon Highveld App I - Social Impact Assessment.pdf
  36. PDF icon Highveld App J - EMPrs.pdf
  37. PDF icon Highveld App K - DFFE Screening Tool.pdf
  38. PDF icon Highveld App L - Maps (A3).pdf
  39. PDF icon Highveld App M - EAP Declaration.pdf
  40. PDF icon Highveld App O - Site Verification Report.pdf

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