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ReportRef ReportDate ReportFile
Eskom Mantsole 12/04/2012 PDF icon Mantsole Palaeontological Ass1.pdf
Fieldtrip Report - Middelburg 2006 09/02/2006
Heidi Fourie Transvaal Museum Fieldtrip Report 3 May - 18 May 2007 06/01/2007
PAST Report 2008 10/01/2008
9-2-061-0001-20050403-NFI 03/04/2005 PDF icon 9-2-061-0001-20050403-NFI_0.pdf
Permit_Middelburg_Fourie_H_Apr09 01/04/2009
PIA_Eskom_Mantsole_substation_Fourie_H_Apr12 12/04/2012
Eskom Camcoll-Jericho 88kV line 28/06/2012 PDF icon Microsoft Word - Camcoll-JerichoPIA.pdf
Dorper Wind Energy Facility, Phase 1 PIA 17/08/2012 PDF icon App C Dorper 100MW Palaeo report final.pdf
Eskom Boynton 07/09/2012 PDF icon 22. Boynton BAR draft App D4 Paleaontological IA.pdf
PIA_Ermelo Uitkoms Line 05/04/2013 PDF icon Ermelo-Uitkoms BAR draft App D4 Palaeontological Impact Assessment .pdf
PIA_Gumeni Bosloop 27/05/2013 PDF icon GumeniBosloopPIA.pdf
Field work Middelburg, EC 12/12/2013 PDF icon ReportHillston2013, PDF icon Final Report
Palaeontological Impact Assessment: Phase 1 Field study: Benicon Park 05/06/2014 PDF icon BeniconPIA.pdf
PIA: Droogfontein 242 15/05/2014 PDF icon DroogenfonteinPIA.pdf, PDF icon Protocol for finds _1_HF.pdf
Ngululu Resources_Palaeontological Impact Assessment 15/05/2014 PDF icon Droogenfontein Phase 1 PIA.pdf
Umlabu Relocation of Plant Palaeontological Impact Assessment 23/09/2014 PDF icon VoorslagFPIA. Rev 1.pdf
Elandspruit PIA 07/10/2014 PDF icon Elandspruit PIA
Elandspruit PIA 07/10/2014 PDF icon ElandspruitFPIA Rev 1.pdf
Palaeontological Study, Belfast Silica Mine, Mpumalanga 11/11/2014 PDF icon Palaeontological Study.pdf
Desktop PIA 14/05/2015 PDF icon SecundaRossleePIA FINAL.pdf
Desktop PIA 05/06/2015 PDF icon SarovicPIA FINAL.pdf
PIA desktop 31/08/2015 PDF icon PIA_20150831.pdf
Protocol for Finds 28/09/2015 PDF icon Protocol for Finds
Goedetrouw, Ketting Palaeontological Assessment 23/09/2015 PDF icon Goedetrouw, Ketting subs and lines Palaeontological Assessment
Mooikloof College 11/03/2016 PDF icon Mooikloof College PIA.pdf
Proposed storage yard to be used by Aveng Grinaker LTE 17/03/2016 PDF icon GrinakerstoragePIA.pdf
Waterkloof Marina Retirement Village 25/03/2016 PDF icon WaterkloofmarinaPIA.pdf
Pine Ridge Sewer PIA 27/05/2016 PDF icon Klarinet Sewer PIA
PIA[P1]-Upgrade of the Qumza Highway - Phase 7, Mdantsane, BCMM, Eastern Cape 13/09/2016 PDF icon QumzahighwayFPIA.pdf
Ennerdale X6 16/09/2016 PDF icon EnnerdaleX6PIA.pdf
Phase I Field Study Landau Dragline Relocation 06/04/2016 PDF icon App_7_5_LandaudraglineFPIA_25 Oct.pdf
Paleontological Phase 1 Field Study - Updated 25/03/2017 PDF icon RietvleiFPIA2017.pdf
PIA on RE of Generaalsdraai 429 JS 05/04/2017 PDF icon PIA Generaalsdraai 429 JS
Palaeontological Impact Assessment: Desktop Study 13/08/2017 PDF icon RooifonteinPIA.pdf
Palaeontological Desktop: Willow Park Manor Extension 74 26/06/2017 PDF icon Microsoft Word - Willowpark manorPIA.docx_.pdf
Palaeontological Impact Assessment: Phase 1 Field Study 01/10/2018 PDF icon Microsoft Word - MonumentParkFPIA (marked up) (1).docx_.pdf
Arbor Rural Village Palaeontological Assessment 05/11/2018 PDF icon Arbor Rural Village Palaeontological Assessment
Palaeontological Impact Assessment PDF icon Annfield178PIA.pdf
PIA Desktop Study - Eldorado Park Proper Project C - Erf 4793 06/11/2020 PDF icon EldoradoParkErf4793rapidPIA.pdf
Palaeontological Impact Assessment: Phase 1: Field Study 06/09/2020 PDF icon CyferfonteinmineFPIA.pdf
Palaeontological Impact Assessment: Desktop Study 28/02/2021 PDF icon KrugerspostandalusitePIA.pdf
Richbay Vosloorys Palaeontological Assessment 14/02/2020 PDF icon Richbay Vosloorus Palaeontological Assessment
EVRAZ PIA Report 13/09/2020 PDF icon HIGHVELD PIA.pdf
Steve Tshwete PIA Report 02/04/2021 PDF icon MhluziMiddelburgtownFPIA.pdf
Palaeontological Impact Assessment PDF icon 02. Palaeontological Impact Assessment.pdf
Zibulo North Shaft Project :Palaeontological Impact Assessment 30/05/2022 PDF icon Palaeontological Impact Assessment Report.pdf
Gloria Paleo Exemption letter 19/12/2022 PDF icon SaleneGloriaProspectingEPIA (002).pdf

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