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ReportRef ReportDate ReportFile
AIA Leithlo Resort 02/06/2011 PDF icon AIA_Leithlo_Resort_Küsel_U_Jun11.pdf
Bela-Bela Agri Lifestyle Village_Noodhulp 592KR 19/11/2008 PDF icon AIA_Noodhulp_492_KR_Küsel_U_Nov08.pdf
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment fir Portions 123 and 124 of the Farm Zandfontein 447 JQ 07/01/2008
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment for Borolelo Extension 4 a portion of the remaining extent of the farm Brakfontein no.252-JP Swartruggens North West Province 02/01/2011
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment for Holding 17 Wilkoppies Agricultural Holdings Klerksdorp North West Province 04/01/2008
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment for Portion 603 the remaining extent of Portion 593 and a Portion of the remaining extent of Portion 2 of the Farm Townlands of Potchefstroom 435 IQ North West Province 08/01/2009
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment for proposed development of Vryburg Shooting Range remaining extent of erf 506 as part of the stablishment of the township areas of Vryburg Extensions 25, 28 and 29. 02/01/2011
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment for proposed new development on Portion 50 (a portion of portion 3) of the farm Eiland 13 NR 502 IQ North West Province 04/01/2009
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment of a portion of the remaining extent of Portion 25 of the farm Rietfontein no. 372-JQ Derby Extension 3 North West Province 02/01/2011
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment of Portion 43 a Portion of Portion 19 of the Farm Reebokfontein 393IP Klerksdorp North West Province 10/01/2010
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment of Portion 43, a Portion of Portion 19 of the Farm Reebokfontein 393 IP, Klerksdorp, North West Province 16/06/2012
Cultural Heritage Resources Impact Assessment of Silkaatsnek development on the Farm Hartebeestfontein 445JQ (R/Portion 75 (ptn of ptn 1), Portion 102 (ptn of Ptn 66), Portion 109 (ptn of ptn 75), R/Portion 77 (ptn of Ptn 1), R/Portion 84 (Ptn of Ptn 83), 16/06/2012
HIA: Stone Crest River Estate 05/01/2010 PDF icon HIA Stone Crest River Estate Farm Rooderand 510IQ Venterskroon NW Kusel 12May2010.pdf
Cultural Resources Impact Assessment for proposed new development Flamwood Extension 29 on Portion 655 of the farm Elandsheuvel 402-IP North West Province 07/09/2009
HIA: De Beers Consolidated Mine 2006 10/01/2006
9-2-202-0003-20070401-AHCC 01/04/2007 PDF icon 9-2-202-0003-20070401-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-203-0001-20050823-AHCC 23/08/2005 PDF icon 9-2-203-0001-20050823-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-203-0034-20080201-AHCC 01/02/2008 PDF icon 9-2-203-0034-20080201-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-203-0034-20080201b-AHCC 01/02/2008 PDF icon 9-2-203-0034-20080201b-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-204-0004-20051019-AHCC 19/10/2005 PDF icon 9-2-204-0004-20051019-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-204-0004-20051020-AHCC 20/10/2005 PDF icon 9-2-204-0004-20051020-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-204-0012-20050715-AHCC 15/07/2005 PDF icon 9-2-204-0012-20050715-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-210-0002-20031201-AHCC 01/12/2003 PDF icon 9-2-210-0002-20031201-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-212-0001-20030501-AHCC 01/05/2003 PDF icon 9-2-212-0001-20030501-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-212-0001-20050506-AHCC 06/05/2005 PDF icon 9-2-212-0001-20050506-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-212-0003-20030401-AHCC 01/04/2003 PDF icon 9-2-212-0003-20030401-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-212-0003-20031101-AHCC 01/11/2003 PDF icon 9-2-212-0003-20031101-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-212-0013-20030101-AHCC 01/01/2003 PDF icon 9-2-212-0013-20030101-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-212-0013-20080402-AHCC 02/04/2008 PDF icon 9-2-212-0013-20080402-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-212-0013-20071129a-AHCC 29/11/2007 PDF icon 9-2-212-0013-20071129a-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-212-0013-20071129b-AHCC 29/11/2007 PDF icon 9-2-212-0013-20071129b-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-215-0003-20070118-AHCC 18/01/2007 PDF icon 9-2-215-0003-20070118-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-220-0013-20080201-AHCC 01/02/2008 PDF icon 9-2-220-0013-20080201-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-224-0001-20031129-AHCC 29/11/2003 PDF icon 9-2-224-0001-20031129-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-225-0001-20060901-AHCC 01/09/2006 PDF icon 9-2-225-0001-20060901-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-225-0001-20070130-AHCC 30/01/2007 PDF icon 9-2-225-0001-20070130-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-231-0007-20061204-AHCC 04/12/2006 PDF icon 9-2-231-0007-20061204-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-231-0007-20070625-AHCC 25/06/2007 PDF icon 9-2-231-0007-20070625-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-231-0007-20080201-AHCC 01/02/2008 PDF icon 9-2-231-0007-20080201-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-233-0002-20040920-AHCC 20/09/2004 PDF icon 9-2-233-0002-20040920-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-233-0002-20070501-AHCC 01/05/2007 PDF icon 9-2-233-0002-20070501-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-233-0002-20070713-AHCC 13/07/2007 PDF icon 9-2-233-0002-20070713-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-233-0002-20070917-AHCC 17/09/2007 PDF icon 9-2-233-0002-20070917-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-233-0002-20071011-AHCC 11/10/2007 PDF icon 9-2-233-0002-20071011-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-234-0002-20050306-AHCC 06/03/2005 PDF icon 9-2-234-0002-20050306-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-234-0004-20031129-AHCC 29/11/2003 PDF icon 9-2-234-0004-20031129-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-236-0002-20060901-AHCC 01/09/2006 PDF icon 9-2-236-0002-20060901-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-236-0002-20060922-AHCC 22/09/2006 PDF icon 9-2-236-0002-20060922-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-236-0002-20071101-AHCC 01/11/2007 PDF icon 9-2-236-0002-20071101-AHCC_0.pdf
9-2-236-0032-20031001-AHCC 01/10/2003



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